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Inghams, UK’s 2nd Largest Ski Hol Co For Sale, Family Holiday Offshoot Closing

Inghams, UK’s 2nd Largest Ski Hol Co For Sale, Family Holiday Offshoot Closing

Published : 11-Feb-2024 06:49

Hotelplan, the company that runs UK's second biggest (and also second oldest) ski holiday company, Inghams and several other smaller travel companies, has been put up for sale by its current Swiss owners.

In a separate move, which it says is unrelated, Inghams has announced the closure of their childcare division Ski Esprit.

Hotelplan is itself owned by Switzerland's largest retailer Migros who are seeking new owners for the Hotelplan Group. Inghams was founded by Walter Ingham in 1934 and is the second longest established ski holiday company after Erna Low, which is itself now part of a larger group as well, NUCO.

Esprit is the latest in a line of holiday companies bought by Inghams over the decades, other examples being Bladon Lines and Ski Esprit's sister company when it was an independent business, Ski Total, that were absorbed then eventually disappeared.
In a statement announcing that this season will be Esprit's last, Inghams said:
"The decision to retire the brand after this season allows the group to focus its resources and expertise into the continued success of Inghams. In recent years, Esprit has faced an increasing number of operational challenges. Conversely, Inghams has continued to thrive, thanks to its broad range of holiday options, wider choice of resorts and accommodation types, and high-quality service."

Joe Ponte, CEO of Hotelplan UK, adds: "The UK business has been reviewing the performance of Esprit for some time, and this channelling of resources is part of our existing strategy and ongoing commitment to invest in the long-term future success of the other brands in the group."

Many of Esprit's chalets and hotels will be available to book through Inghams next winter but without the Esprit childcare options.

Esprit had traded for over 40 seasons and was one of a number of childcare specialist ski holiday companies established in the 1980s and 1990s. Those still operating include Ski Famille and Family Ski.

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