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World’s Deepest Snow Levels Still Climbing in April

World’s Deepest Snow Levels Still Climbing in April

Published : 02-Apr-2024 09:39

The deepest snow depth reported in the world this week has hit 5.5 metres (nearly 18 feet), the greatest depth reported this season.

Saas Fee has reached the 5.5 metre level on its glacier with fellow Swiss area Laax reaching 5.2 metres on theirs.

Alpe d'Huez briefly hit a 5 metre depth last week and earlier in the winter but no resort had previously gone above that level.

On average, snow depths typically peak at between 6 and 9 metres somewhere in the northern hemisphere in early March before the spring thaw starts to diminish levels, but the past few winters have seen depths continue to rise, often after many ski areas have already ended their seasons.

The latest boost in snow depths comes after a week of often heavy snowfall, particularly in the southern and western Alps. There have also been gale-force winds, with the result that many ski areas have seen large parts of their terrain closed for safety reasons through the Easter period.

The heavy snow/strong wind combination has set avalanche danger at very high levels.

Pic credit: Saas Fee/Facebook/stornimattia

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